Carenado – Dornier 228 Announced


Carenado have announced their latest project; the Dornier 228! They included  6 images showcasing the early stages of the external view and depending how far they are, we may see it before the end of the year? Wouldn’t put it past them.. stay tuned for more progress on their Facebook page and to purchase any of their products head to the store.

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  1. Ugghhhh 🙁 , of all the Aircraft to model, they picked that Ugly Duckling ???
    would rather of em’ spent time Developing the Dehavilland DHC-3 Twin Otter/ Wheeled & Float versions .
    Even better a Real True Grumman Goose Float Plane !
    How bout’ a True Carenado Howard 500 Radial Aircraft Propliner 🙂 !
    but that thing pictured above ? Really ??? Ughhh 🙁

  2. Personally I disagree with you. In all its ugliness I find this model quite beautiful. In fact, if I could make a request for the next model it would be another even uglier aircraft – the Shorts Skyvan. Instead of yet another Twin Otter. I do agree with you about the Goose and the Howard, though,

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