Flightbeam – Status Update EDDF/KMSP


Flightbeam have released a status update a couple of days ago, with information stating what exactly is going on with their Frankfurt and Minneapolis rendition, amongst other things. Some bad news for EDDF although its good to hear KMSP is still going on well and as planned.

Unfortunately this project is delayed for an indefinite amount of time. The project did start in discovery phase, which is the phase in which the airport is mapped out and planned for production. It also includes the on-site photo survey. This is where we came to an abrupt halt. Unfortunately airport officials have flat out denied us access to the airport and are offering zero cooperation.

My production quality for high end airports do require me to visit airport onsite, and we’ve been very successful in cooperating officially with most American airports. There’s a very good reason why Flightbeam products put you in the true atmosphere of each airport. Being onsite at the airport and looking and photographing every grime and detail is the only correct way to start production. It’s possible that new security risks exist considering today’s current events.

With that said, I’m still communicating with some airport employees who are helping me to acquire imagery. This method is not ideal, and depending on the results, the fate of the production of the airport will be decided.

While one production holds, the other one flourishes. KMSP production is rolling along very quickly. Almost every building surrounding the airport perimeter is completed. The ground work is currently being done, and we still need to start on terminal structures. A new method is being used for ground textures which allow us to use complex shaders for better visuals. I’m excited to show everyone how amazing this airport will look once completed! Previews are expected to roll in around spring time.”

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8 years ago

Well, as much as I’d like a non-Aerosoft EDDF, what did this guy expect? That the airport’s officials just waited for him to greet him with open arms? They have enough going on with handling migrants and the just-started Terminal 3 expansion. Well, anf of course the still ongoing terrorism craze.

8 years ago
Reply to  Tom

Sad truth I suppose

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