ATSimulations – Cri Cri FSX P3D



You may fall in love with the little airplane ‘Cri Cri’, crafted by Michel Colomban.

This is the most little twin engine of the world and it is modelled down to its finest detail, for P3D V4/V3 and FSX. HD textures, custom soundset and special effects are all included in this product from ATSimulations.

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David Balbert

I purchased the Cricri from simMarket, a great little addon but it has a bug ie in cockpit view the right flap doesn’t move, left side is ok, external camera view all is ok on both sides, check it out, did ask simMarket to recredit my paypal account for the amount of £20.44 as it’s (faulty product) ticket or invoice #1703934, downloaded only the other day.
Mr D Balbert

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