Flight Control Replay Professional Edition v3.5 Summer Update



The author of Flight Control Replay Professional v3.5, Fabio Merlo, annouced the release of the Summer Update for its tool, “the most complete flight recording software that permits to record and play flight situation and a lot of useful things” adds his press release.

He optimized the algorithm for PlayASAI feature and standard Replay that increase performance. Fixes for Google Earth KML altitude missing are included too.

Press Release :

“This video shows how it is very funny fly in formation with the same Recorded Flight with two instance of FCR . One with standard Load replay and other instance with the same Recorded Flight loaded via PlayASAI feature.

You are able also to flight in real time formation , using your user aircraft (with you as Pilot) and one Recorded Flight loaded as PlayASAI in FCR .

After that release , my focus will be on FlightControlReplay v4 (expected in Autumn 2017).”

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