Fly The Maddog X – Update v1.0.4

Hardcore simmers who own Fly The Maddog X, have a new update ready for download : Update v1.0.4.

A few issues, crash-to-desktop situations and new software support are integrated. Check the changelog for full details.

– fixed random CTD selecting a DTO INT in the FMS.
– fixed random CTD selecting SID/START in the FMS.
– fixed missing waypoints on FMS.
– fixed jetway not attaching correctly to the main exit door.
– fixed issue when defining ’toggle’ custom keyboard/joystick events.
– fixed minor issues on external model’s attach points and texture mapping.
– increased size of the Load Manager UI for 4K res desktops.
– added support for vPilot/SB4 (via SimConnect).
– improved LNAV and LOC tracking.

PDF guide on how correctly upgrade:

AIRAC 1803 is out, remember to update it if you own a Navigraph account.

Another cool info:
Fly The Maddog X will be added to PRO-ATC/X as supported panel with the next update. FMS flight plans will be produced by PRO-ATC/X so they are going to be selectable via Co-Route in your FMC.
SID/STAR/Approach/Transitions/Runways have to be selected by user.

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