[video] FSDT Chicago O’Hare Preview


Watch in the video the innovative features introduced by FSDreamTeam in their upcoming scenery of Chicago O’Hare KORD.

Exclusively developed for P3D4, the designers will get rid of FSX limitations and bugs like texture flickering with pure P3D4 code. Among the new features, there are information panels actually working at each gate.

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What would be really innovative? Dropping that crap add on manager and everything else that ruins the experience of their high quality scenery 🙂

Sean Bean

Agree 100%. I bought FSDT Vancouver few years ago and had endless problems just registering and installing the software. It eventually corrupted my sim (FSX) so badly I had to do complete FSX re-install. Since then I haven’t touched FSDT. Any DRM is bad and that FSDT add-on manager is particularly bad

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