More announcements at FlightSimExpo 2018 Las Vegas

REX Game Studios :

  • REX Weather Force : It’s an addon for Sky Force 3D,  described as a “new API that allows for more realistic weather transitions and weather controls”.
  • REX Environment Force :  It’s a standalone product designed to work with any third party weather engine.. Introduced as a “new app that brings life to the weather, ground, sky, and water in real-time”, it should enhance the dynamic weather management, with live textures updates and adapted shaders too we guess.


  • Global Flight Operations : This is a new software development, that will simulate the use of determined aircraft, with their respective tail number registration, and its related panel configuration. When a pilot leaves the aircraft at the gate, the next pilot comes in and find its panel state as the other one left it. With the use of ACARS, the pilot will also receive airline messages with gates assignments, or other operational data. The goal is to achieve a real world route with assigned times of departure and arrival.
  • 747-8 : no new announcement here, but Robert S. Randazzo made a demonstration of the features previously introduced. Electronic and interactive checklists, electronic flight bag, airport display, terrain elevation database and display..
  • PMDG Operations Center : a new version 2 will come, to handle the new features and products in development, with a new user interface. It will also allow to manage all your user account options from the software itself (licences, products setup…
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