simFlight at FlightSimExpo 2018 – Las Vegas


June 10th is the second and last day to attend the FlightSimExpo 2018 at Las Vegas. The founder of simFlight Network was there and reported a few pics and announcements to share. 
Reed Stough of REX Game Studios on the left, beside Miguel Blaufuks, simFlight.

Tim Fuchs of REX Game Studios


Scott Gentile of A2A Simulations with Andrew Newman / AirdailyX


Marcel Felde / Aerosoft developer


Umberto Colapicchioni / FSDreamTeam announced Ground Services X v2


Colin Pearson of Milviz


Osh of Milviz


From left to right : Mike Strasser, Thorsten Loth and Manfred Spatz of Sim-Wings


Gepostet von TFDi Design am Samstag, 9. Juni 2018

TFDi Design announcing their software to simulate passengers and crew members

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