RC-Design – ESGG Gothenburg/Landvetter V3 FSX P3DV3

Visit Sweden and stop at Gothenburg, second most important city. After the P3D4 version, RC-Design switched to P3D v3 and FSX support.

Their airport scenery of ESGG Gothenburg/Landvetter gets updated updated buildings, and new features : animated radar and windsocks, new 3D lights.

3 Responses

  1. Hi, I am wondering why some companies are still publishing add-ons for an outdated version of P3D. And exclude the newest one??? We would buy the new sceneries but we use exclusively P3dV4.3

    1. Thank You Sebastien . I was not aware of the disponibility of the version for P3DV4.x
      I am to make a visit at Simmarket

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