Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) – Feature Discovery Series Episode 1 (WORLD)

New set of information from Microsoft about Flight Simulator (2020). The first round of Beta selection will end this October 15th. Another recruitment for Tech Alpha 2 is planned near the end of this month.

Here’s their current planning copy :

  • 10.15 – Recruitment for Tech Alpha 1 ends. If you would like to sign up, please head into the Insider Area and fill out the survey.
  • 10.17 – Build release preparation begins. Insider acceptance confirmation communication begins and will run through 10.24.
  • 10.24 – Release Window Opens. We will begin granting access to the Tech Alpha build to Insiders that have received acceptance confirmation.

Further below, is the latest and official video of FS2020 with the technical explanations by the lead programmer working on the simulator development.

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