Pilot’S FSG – LEAM Almeria P3DV4 V2.0

Amigos, Pilot’S FSG released earlier this year LEAM Almeria for X-Plane with an outstanding realism.

It’s the turn of P3D4 pilots to enjoy a version 2 of the Spanish airport. Don’t be scared by the 4.8 Gb file download, the scenery is well optimized for the best performance.

Update : the update from version 1 is FREE for registered users. Log in your simMarket account.

Changelog :

  • completely new groundtextures and huge increase in photo-realistic coverage
  • new much more realistic night lighting
  • new dynamic lighting
  • PBR for the main airport buildings
  • much more autogen
  • new 3D models for reflectors
  • new 3D grass
  • new bridges
  • introduced configurator (extra download, see text file in download archive)
  • optional HR LOD version for ground textures (available shortly)

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Frederik Duran
Frederik Duran
4 years ago

Your jobs are good, but your prices are incredibly expensive, I’m sorry, but although I’d like to have Alicante and Almeria I prefer not to fly there.
They are crazy.

Stefan Schaefer
Stefan Schaefer
4 years ago
Reply to  Frederik Duran

You get, what you pay for. There is a cheap bundle offer. A completely new version 2 free of cost. How much cheaper do you want it? Free? Sorry, no way!

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