MK-Studios – Lisbon P3D4 Update v1.3 and 50% OFF

The important Portuguese airport of Lisbon for P3D4 designed by MK-Studios has an update version 1.3.

PBR improvements, new visual effects and the integration of SODE VDGS pack are listed in the full changelog.

Change log:
– New installer and scenery registration system,
– Ground textures updated to PBR,
– Building textures updated to PBR and improved,
– SODE VDGS implemented (requires SODE VDGS pack),
– New precipitation effect,
– Lights/effects now based on native P3DV4 code,
– Changed grass color to more dry,
– Added red nav lights on the buildings,
– New realistic dynamic lightning,
– Small autogen adjustments around the airport,
– Satellite images corrections and slight resolution increase,
– Few small fixes.

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