Freeware : PBR Update for Mülheim Ruhr X

The freeware pack Mülheim Ruhr X comes with the detailed German airport EDLE Essen / Mülheim, and all the city buildings.

In the new update, PBR materials and the ground terrain using 2K resolution textures are included !

“PBR update for Mülheim Ruhr X – Amendments

– All airport buildings and all city buildings with PBR material
– All airport building with PBR winter textures
– Rain Layer the airport automatically switches to sit in the rain
– New ground textures with 2K PBR material
– Own 2K Detail Map to improve soil representation
– Avatar Steven 2K PBR material
– New version of the animation controller, based on P3Dv5 SimConnect
– Follow-Me vehicle with new dynamic lights and with PBR material
adjusted Dynamic lights on P3Dv5 –
– New lighting concept for the airport
– Bahrometrix Living People with PBR material
– Installer Manual and renewed media
– license text supplemented
and much more …”

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