Flight Simulator – World Update for Japan

Japan will look even better in Microsoft Flight Simulator on next September 29th, when they release the FREE World Update.

This is the official trailer of the first World Update (more regions to come later). And here is its content features :

  • 6 new photogrammetric cities
    • Sendai
    • Utsunomiya
    • Yokohama
    • Tokyo
    • Takamatsu
    • Tokushima
  • 6 handcrafted airports
    • Hachijojima RJTH
    • Nagasaki RJFU
    • Suwanosejima RJX8
    • Kerama ROKR
    • Shimojishima RORS
    • Kushiro RJCK
  • Historical landmarks and custom bridges
  • New landing challenges and a bush trip
  • Upgraded elevation data
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George McDonwell
George McDonwell
3 years ago

RIP, XP11.

Noah F themins
Noah F themins
3 years ago

looks good!

3 years ago

In Japan, Microsoft’s market share with the X-Box is far behind Sony’s Japanese PS. The fact that they are now concentrating on Japan with the MSFS in the home market of the Playstation (new map material, 6 photogrammetry cities, 3 airports – and everything for free!) is no coincidence, but for me a sign that they want to gain market share with the X-Box in Japan – a clear declaration of war! Because Sony has nothing comparable on its boxes. I’m sure that when the new X-Boxes are launched the MSFS will be playable on them. I am pleased…

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[…] it’s done, you will be invited to download for free the first World Update for Japan (1.5 Gb). It’s a nice scenery add-on photogrammetric cities, new detailed airports and […]

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