Microsoft Flight Simulator – Update and Japan World Update

The new patch v1.9.3.0 is available now for Microsoft Flight Simulator. A bit more of 8 Gb will be downloaded at the next launch of the simulator.

When it’s done, you will be invited to download for free the first World Update for Japan (1.5 Gb). It’s a nice scenery add-on with photogrammetric cities, new detailed airports, landmarks and new elevation data.

5 Responses

  1. Fix an old bug, create a new one. This seems to become routine with MSFS. After the current update, you can find skyscrapers in cities – even shortly before runways – that definitely do not belong there. The new update clearly shows what happens if you suddenly do without the help of a large number of “beta testers” and make the consumer an involuntary beta tester. This is not acceptable, because – as far as I know – you cannot switch back to an older version that did not have such a serious bug. Really annoying…

    1. Yes I saw that skyscraper right on the edge of a runway too, on one of their new showcase airfields that they added. Plus I now have a really bad freeze, which last for several seconds, almost like the PC is going to hang. The patches have made performance worse for me.

    2. Must be new to sims. P3D 5 is as stable as an alpha and XP11.5 just left release candidate status with things still not implemented that were promised 5 years ago.

      But do keep bashing the best sim of any type of all time. At least MSFS updates their sim regularly with fixes and new features/scenery.

      1. MSFS is yet to be a simulator, it is still in entertaining game status if you ask any serious FS fan.

        1. Hey Austin! Great to hear from the creator of the ill-fated XP11.

          And yes, MSFS is the greatest flight simulation ever produced. The default aircraft are default aircraft, but the flight modelling, weather and IFR flying are second to none. Any serious simmer will tell you that. I mean, duh!

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