Microsoft Flight Simulator : New update and World Update II “USA”

Flight Simulator needs your internet connection especially today : first through Microsoft Store app, about 950 Mb need to be downloaded before you launch the sim.

Then, when you run MSFS, the biggest part of the update comes with the download of 12,65 Gb of data to install the version v1.11.6.0. It features fixes for airliners handling and fuel consumption, user interface enhancements. Click here for the content details.

Once done, you have the option to add for free the new World Update II “USA”. 4 detailed airports and many points of interest complete the scenery in Microsoft Flight Simulator (size : 4,6 Gb).

Airports included :

  • KATL – Atlanta International
  • KFHR – Friday Harbor
  • KDFW – Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport (DFW)
  • KSWF – New York Stewart International Airport

5 Responses

  1. Great looking sceneries, but A320 went from ok autopilot to not working autopilot. Every time i get a new update airplanes behave very erratically. No ILS capture, no auto pilot heading, takes about an hour flight to climb to FL390 on managed VNAV. Manual AP VS climbs are slow too. LNAV is hit and miss. Mostly A320 issues. B787 still has issues as well.

  2. It seems that none of the autopilots in any of the aircraft are working for me after the second to last update. I really thought that the developers would prioritize basic control over visual aspects of the game with the latest, but I guess that’s what sells. This game, although visually appealing, falls well short when it comes to execution. Every update is a terrible headache and I’ve never played a game with so many issues. And for the introductory price of $60, and an upgrade fee of BUYING THE GAME AGAIN, it just feels very shady and par for the course with a Microsoft product.

  3. It is just well performed marketing, they got us hooked to the aesthetics with their well edited movies. Have you flown around NYC and matched MSFS2020 USA update promotion movie experience? If you have send me, your computer specs so I could take a big bank loan to match your computer specs. We fell for the good looks. Think about it, the scenery on FSX, P3D and XP11 are not that great but the performance of them were so much better from the beginning, flying is the #1 reason and scenery always secondary. MSFS 2020 is completely the opposite. FSX and P3D already had dozens of airplanes released as freeware within one month. How many “FLYABLE” aircrafts do we have for MSFS2020? This las FS is like heroine, you know is bad, but you keep coming back hoping to get a good fix. I think I rather fly P3D and XP11with awful scenery (option to download free or payware scenery, tools, aircrafts, etc) than feel like I have been taken advantage of. MSFS2020 releases updates every three weeks but why the flying keeps getting worst? Eventually they will get there, but they should have get there before releasing the product. Having to reinstall entire software is a big hassle. You know what?… Cpt Morgan and I are going to the beach, #@$% it!

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