DeimoS Inc – LFMN Nice Côte D’Azur MSFS

The French and Southern airport of Nice LFMN has always been a popular destination for simmers in every simulator. It’s particularly known because of the misaligned ILS runway 04R, and because of the dangerous approach procedures with high elevation terrain in the descent profile when there are westbound winds.

Maybe its scenery for MSFS produced by DeimoS Inc will meet a wide users community too !

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Gerardo Cabezon
Gerardo Cabezon
3 years ago

I bought this airport because from the pictures it looks like a good job, but the textures are infamous and the overall quality is far below even many freeware airports.
Comparing the price and quality with other airports of larger size and impeccable finishes, such as, for example, Madrid (LEMD) and Barcelona (LEBL) by LatinVFR, or La Coruña (LECO) by TDM Scenery Design, I would say that we are almost facing a scam or an insult to the intelligence of users.

If I could I would ask for my money back.


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