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Thrustmaster is a serious manufacturer and known by the majority of simmers for their products appreciated world wide to fit the needs of advanced controls for our simulators. simMarket has now in stock the following products dedicated to the flight simulator, including sticks, rudder pedals, Hotas : F/A-18C HORNET™ – HOTAS ADD-ON GRIP HOTAS WARTHOG T.16000M FCS FLIGHT PACK T.16000M FCS HOTAS T.16000M FCS STICK T.FLIGHT RUDDER PEDALS TPR: THRUSTMASTER PENDULAR RUDDER

Accurate replica of an oxygen mask for the crew in the cockpit. It doesn’t blow oxygen but there’s a microphone with a jack so you can communicate with the mask set on. Perfect if you believe there’s no boundaries to the simulation and immersion. For sale at 15% OFF until February 28th, by the makers of the Airbus sidestick and rudder pedals devices.

For civilian flight simulation, a yoke is usually better than a simple joystick as flight control : more commands and buttons, realistic look and control feeling. But, if you need something more qualitative and are afraid of a random reliability from other common products, check the new Honeycomb – Alpha Flight Controls. WIth its 5 year warranty, and numerous switches and buttons, you combine realistic ergonomics and durable construction and quality components at a reasonable price. Order yours now at simMarket !

Available since a few weeks, the new Alpha Flight Control (yoke and switch panel) by Honeycomb will be used at X019 Event, at the Copper Box Arena in London this week. Honeycomb announced they sponsor Microsoft and equip various flight simulator stations for this event. Press release : Critically Acclaimed Alpha Switch Controls Yoke & Switch Panel to Support Multiple Flight Simulation Stations at X019 Honeycomb™ Aeronautical, a leader in high quality flight simulation hardware, announced today that they are teaming up with Microsoft® to support multiple flight simulation stations for the much-anticipated Microsoft Flight Simulator™ at X019, which takes place from November 14th through…

Enhance your flight simming experience with a realistic look and feeling by using the Airbus A320 replacement handles set for your Saitek Throttle or Logitech G Pro Flight Throttle. The quadrant stand and the throttle unit are not included of course, but the handles give you ENG1+ENG2, flaps and speedbrake levers handles with free worldwide shipping included.

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