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Introduced last week, the new CDU units from Flightdeck Solutions complete the Pro-MX E-Series range for the Airbus A320 and Boeing 747. Robustness and durability are the key words for the Canadian manufacturer which serves both private customers, airlines and companies that offer high-end simulators. This hardware is made of all metal, with adjustable key illumination and high resolution display. Compared to the previous generation, they highlight the high-speed Ethernet interface and the improved quality of the components.

Hoenycomb is progressing on the prototype of their Bravo Center Console, that will complete their Bravo Throttle Quadrant in order to use a mouse and/or tablet. It will be the second option for the main device, since they already announced the Airbus Throttle Pack earlier. Note that this Bravo Center Console requires to use only the standard PAD with screws, because it’s not compatible with the other setup solution, the 3M micro-suction PAD for desk boards thicker than 48mm.

Sensing a need for high quality, lower-cost flight simulator hardware, ELITE has created the “ALTURA” line of products. These devices —  Cirrus Flight side sticks, yokes, flight consoles, and Garmin GNS530 replica — are designed for the home flight simulator market and for K-12 school programs, such as STEM. The various new ALTURA products are “plug-and-play” and are easily configurable with popular flight simulation programs, such as Microsoft Flight Simulator, 2020, Lockheed Martin Prepar3D, Laminar Flow X-Plane, and of course ELITE XTS Software. For 30 years, ELITE Simulation Solutions has been providing highest fidelity EASA & FAA approved flight simulators,…

Thrustmaster announced to their US and Asian-Pacific customers that their TCA Quadrant Airbus add-on is available for purchase. Sold for about US$ 100, it adds the flap and speed brake levers, but also controls for the gear, autobrake, parking brake, and rudder trim. European customers have to wait until December 29th for the release in their region.

Maybe it’s not too early to pick up ideas for your Christmas gifts and convince others that you deserve this : the B737 Max MIP Premium. It’s an integrated and plug-and-play equipment featuring wide screens and quality modules of CPflight manufacturer to reproduce at scale 1:1 the pilot and copilot front panel of the Boeing 737 MAX. It will work with either FSX, P3D4, ProSim 737 and FSUIPC (not included). The hardware is plug-and-play, power and connect to your PC.

A new generation of Flight Simulator has always been intricated with hardware upgrades and PC performance. With the new video of Hardware Unboxed, you will have a more precise idea of your current graphic card power or what kind of new graphics card you should look at, depending on your monitor resolution, your budget and the performance in MSFS that you expect. At simFlight, we confirm with our own experience what we’ve heard from many hardware specialists on YouTube and in the hardware medias, the best ratio of performance/budget are currently the Nvidia RTX 2070 Super, or AMD RX 5700…

October 22nd is the new release date planned by Thrustmaster for their upcoming throttle unit to complete the TCA Sidestick Airbus Edition. Their TCA Quadrant Airbus Edition equipped with – deactivable – detents for “Idle” / “Climb” / “Flex” & “TO-GA”, plus Engine Master Switches with Start button were initially announced for September 24th.

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