Microsoft Flight Simulator – Crash To Desktop bug ?

If you have recently experienced Crash To Desktop bugs in Microsoft Flight Simulator, when you load an add-on scenery or airport, you are probably suffering from an identified and recent issue.

Until a fix comes from Microsoft and Asobo Studio, it may be resolved by deactivating BING World Data in the simulator settings, according to this post in the Official support forum of MSFS.

3 Responses

  1. What a great idea, shut off the main feature set’s this sim apart from the rest (full global ground scenery coverage). This has to be the worst suggestion since this sim has been released. Have it looking like pre-FS9 so you don’t get a CTD. No thank you, Asobo just needs to fix this problem.

  2. There is another, entirely less-draconian workaround as well. You can simply remove the CGL folder in your add-on (be sure to back it up in order to add it back in later if need be) and it should work just fine. This doesn’t cause any perceptible changes that I could detect other than some slight tile shifting, if any. I had to perform this step in order to get the RJAA airport from Drzeweicki Designs to work. Also, this issue seems to have been fixed with the latest UK Update build. I added my CGL folders back in my add-ons and every single one of them now work. I hope this helps.

  3. two days re installing everything start up take off ctd no error
    sound like fs9 all over again leave it to the people to fix we have our money lol

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