Honeycomb Aeronautical – Accessories for Alpha Flight Control and Bravo Throttle

The Throttle Pack makes part of the recently released accessories for their Alpha Flight Controls and for their Bravo Throttle Quadrant.

Honeycomb Aeronautical now sells this set to enable the replacement of the default levers (with a Boeing look) : the new Throttle Pack for Airbus A319-A380 are directly adapted on the device to simulate twin or 4 engines airliners, with the Flaps and Speed brake levers on their respective side.

The newest additions to their accessories section are the XL Clamps which finally allow the user to easily mount his device (Alpha and/or Bravo) on a thick board desk, since the default clamps only accept up to 40mm. Otherwise, it was necessary to use the alternative mounting system, that consists of sticky 3M disks (also included in the base package) but they were not very handy for each session of flight simming).

And finally, their shop now includes also the Dust cover. Sold per unit, it can protect your Alpha and/or Bravo device from dust when you don’t use them if they are not packed in the original box.

For now, the official Shop of the manufacturer can only ship to USA and Canada. For other regions of the world, you should investigate from their Retailers page here.

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