LatinVFR – Updates Barcelona MSFS and Global Vehicle Traffic MSFS

The development of more and more MSFS products by LatinVFR doesn’t refrain them from keeping an eye on their last releases : the remaining issues get fixes over time.

In the last days, simMarket could notify the registered customers of Barcelona MSFS and of Global Vehicle Traffic MSFS that new files have been uploaded, with their respective enhancements listed below.

Barcelona MSFS Changelog version 1.1.0

1- Renamed runways to 06/24 as in real life. Changed taxiway signs and ground textures.

2- ILS approaches now are for the correct new runways

3- Removed double buildings that came with the new WU in the Barcelona city area.

As for the issue with SID’s and STARS it will remain as its outside of our package and something within the MSFS. Hopefully Asobo/Microsoft can release an update fixing this issue in the near future. But for now, use rwy 02/20 as SID or STAR.

Global Vehicle Traffic MSFS Changelog update 1.01

1-Increased diversity in all regions. In Europe increased the amount of compact vehicles, reducing the amount of trucks or lorries. In the other regions added more regular vehicles and thus reducing the amount of trucks.

2-We removed some vehicles from Europe that weren’t normal there. Among other small fixes.We heard the feedback and we took note of it. Most importantly the feedback of diversity of vehicles and the reduction of trucks which was the most common was addressed but there is a reason we did not do much diversity

a) Performance might degrade if we increased the amount of vehicles. The vehicles in GVT are higher resolution/detail models than the default, therefore we needed to proceed with caution. The more variations the more textures also and polygons that would be drawn and put into the the sim. We could have gone and added hundreds or maybe thousands of variations but performance was going to be severely degraded. What we just did would allow for more variations and at the same time keep the same performance levels as we had in the version 1.00

b) The issue with trucks and lorries. Reason we did more trucks was because at 500, 1,000 feet or above, you will notice more the larger vehicles, in this case trucks, which are more noticeable and helps with the immersion.

c) Doing vehicles for certain countries. This would degrade performance because it would increase the texture amount, we decided to go by continent to reduce the performance impact overall. Also the way the FS world is divided as we did in AREX, not many regions are only countries. The French are fortunate enough to have this and South Africa too, but other than that, that’ about it.

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