SIMMARKET app updated version 2.0.9

Next time you launch SIMMARKET app, it will automatically retrieve the latest update 2.0.9.

If you haven’t installed it yet, go to to download the app. This is now how an increasing number of MSFS add-ons can be installed and even updated flawlessly, without any effort.

Changelog :

  • Prevent asking for temporary download folder if using default path and folder does not exist
  • Check for destination folder permission when downloading demo from Product page
  • Fix request timed out issues
  • Adapt Browse to Bigger Screens by displaying a third card on the right side of the product of the day card
  • Application updates improvements to check for new versions at app start. (This feature will only be available when version 2.0.9 is installed)
  • Removed Russian Ruble from available currencies
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