Fly The Maddog X for MSFS Released

Available ! The most advanced airliner add-on is ready for download at simMarket : Fly The Maddog X for MSFS.

The MD-82 developed by the team Leonardo SH has an impressive features list, with excellent visuals, complete systems, accurate performance, immersive soundset and multiple accessories.

Features :

  • Accurate and in-depth systems simulation of the MD-82
  • Maximum 3D detailed 4K PBR exterior, virtual cockpit and New Passengers Cabin
  • FMS, VNAV, LNAV, TCAS, ACARS and EGPWS terrain mode
  • FMS Control of exterior accessories
  • Flight model and engines performances to match real aircraft performance tables
  • Electronic Flight Bag
  • Fully dimmable integral and flood lightning
  • HQ Audio soundset deep immersion
  • Failures managment
  • Integration with simBrief, MSFS ground services + fuel loading, FSUIPC mode,
  • Customization of aircraft equipments and cockpit panels color, Load Manager, Panel State, Simulator options
  • Future Free upgrade for weather radar when Asobo opens SDK
  • Future expansions for MD-83/88 variants, -217C/-219 engines, Canadian Marconi FMS and PMS, and ageing/servicing features
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Ozgur Aral
Ozgur Aral
2 years ago

Can’t find this in the marketplace. When will it be available there?

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