Just Flight – 146 Professional MSFS Update 0.1.5

For their popular 146 Professional MSFS, Just Flight released a new update v0.1.5 ! The commuter jet airliner receives enhancements for the autopilot, the virtual cabin is automatically triggered by the cabin door, or the payload settings saved along the panel status.

The full changelog is listed on this webpage of Just Flight, in the support section. For the registered pilots at simMarket, log in and check your downloads to get the new installer.

Changelog v0.1.5 – 2022/06/01

– Further refinements to autopilot altitude arm/capture logic

– Virtual cabin is now enabled automatically whenever the cabin door is open

– 146-100 PSA cockpit placard typo fixed

– AUTOPILOT LEVEL CHANGE control assignments support added for controlling autopilot IAS mode

– AUTOPILOT RADIO ALTITUDE MODE control assignments support added for controlling autopilot ALT ARM mode

– HSI distance read-out missing leading zero when distance below 1nm (e.g. ‘.4’ instead of ‘0.4’) – fixed

– IAS/MACH annunciators on Co-pilot’s panel are now green like on Captain’s panel

– Emergency gear extension – second clickspot added on red extension lever to avoid accidental use, requiring you to now click on the door placard clickspot and then the red extension lever clickspot to deploy the gear

– Payload (fuel, pax and cargo) is now included in state saving

Changelog v0.1.4 – 2022/05/27

– Missing Eurowings livery added

– Pressurisation barometric control affecting altimeters – fixed

– Premature level off in IAS/MACH mode when using ALT ARM – fixed

– 146-200 QT TNT Livery fixed

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