SimWorks Studios – Van’s RV-14 MSFS Update v1.2

With the help from the manufacturer Van’s Aircraft, SimWorks Studios developed a realistic model of the RV-14 and RV-14A for MSFS, with many animations and it’s also ready for integration of third-party avionics packages integration like TDS GTNXi 750 and PMS GTN750.

I hope you didn’t miss their last update, otherwise here’s the reminder to let you get the latest files, with the enhancements listed below.

Version 1.2 changelog :

  • Added UI title entries to cameras to prevent crashes when saving camera views
  • Modified mechanical efficiency tables to correct performance at altitude
  • Modified thrust scalar to correct performance at altitude
  • Changed RPM increment from 1rpm to 10rpm
  • Increased rudder authority
  • Made PMAG test switch functional and added checklist item
  • Corrected flap handle initialisation when cold and dark
  • Updated embedded PMS50 version
  • Modified VR collision mesh in cockpit
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