France VFR – Paris Heliports and Helipads MSFS

France VFR released an interesting pack of 28 platforms for helicopter virtual pilots who fly with MSFS. They modelled a lot of realistic details and objects for these spots serving hospitals, public helipads, or even old ones that are now out of service in real life.

Paris Heliports & Helipads is a Microsoft® Flight Simulator® add-on which includes in a single pack 28 helicopter platforms spread over the Ile-de-France region (the list and location of each platform are specified in a map accompanying the documentation and copied below).

Our objective is to offer a unique and varied product comprising a large number of private, administrative, hospital and historical (closed) heliports and helipads in order to allow a maximum of flights and destinations and an original discovery of the region.

All the platforms have been developed in the spirit of the best possible compromise between integration/homogeneity, visual rendering and search for realism while allowing a very attractive price given the large number of platforms making up this pack.

– 28 detailed Heliports and Helipads all over the Paris Ile-de-France region.
– Specific photo-realistic 3D buildings.
– Realistic and detailed ground markings and light beacons.
– Numerous animations and details.
– Vegetation reworked on each platform and its surroundings.
– Realistic night lighting.
– Photo-realistic ground texture areas reworked for specific platforms.
– Compatible with all our others product ranges.
– Geo-referenced data for maximum compatibility with future add-ons installed on the same area.
– Development process 100% SDK (System Developement Kit) specifications compliant, ensuring maximum compatibility with new releases.
– SIA – VAC charts provided (if available).
– NOTE: To start a “cold and dark” flight choose a parking location rather than a runway.

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