Aerosoft – CRJ MSFS Update version

The developers behind the project of the advanced CRJ airliners series for MSFS have not been on holidays lately, not yet. In just a few weeks, this is the second update delivered to the virtual pilots.

Whether you have the CRJ 550/700, or the full CRJ Bundle (adding the 900/1000 variants), you have now to update to version See the changelog details below. The previous update was released two weeks ago.

version (08-07-2022) :

  • Fixed an issue with ATC voice output
  • Reworked Audio Panel COM receive and transmit logic

Version (24-06-2022):

  • Fixed multiple issues with flight plan sequencing
  • Fixed multiple issues with DIR INTC and DIR TO functions
  • Fixed fuel and time predictions
  • Fixed an issue that would cause VNAV informations to disappear from MFD
  • Fixed Minimums callout when MDA is used
  • Fixed rain being visible on side panel on CRJ-1000 Iberia EC-MJP
  • Fixed radio management panel
  • Added terrain radar
  • Added APU exhaust effect
  • Added support for MSFS steering axis
  • Added CRJ-550 max passenger check on PERF INIT page
  • Changed CRJ-1000 passenger entry on PERF INIT page from “–/—” to “—/–
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