Aerosoft – [Video] A330 EFB Tablet Preview

In the new video about the Airbus A330 project in MSFS by Aerosoft, the nearly 5 minutes introduction shows several functionalities implemented in the Electronic Flight Bag that you can control from a virtual tablet in the 3D cockpit.

You can retrieve flight plans from Simbrief, along weather reports for your departure and arrival airports, manage the aircraft weights, retrieve and display charts from NavDataPro or from Navigraph. Before departure, the EFB is also an access to the add-on settings : to set how fast you want to get your IRS aligned, how fast to perform the fuel tanks refilling or the passengers boarding.

When the cockpit preparation is completed, the EFB will also be helpful to design from a 2D top view a dynamic track of your pushback path, without need of any other pushback add-on.

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