iniBuilds – iniScene KLAX Los Angeles MSFS at simMarket

LAX, has always been a popular scenery through all generations of flight simulator series. Now in Microsoft Flight Simulator, iniBuilds designers take the challenge of bringing maybe one of the most popular airport scenery : iniScene KLAX Los Angeles MSFS.

In order to satisfy the virtual pilot expectations, the 3D work, optimization and the efforts on visual effects and textures quality build an enriched features list according to the summury found below. The complete list is visible directly at simMarket. After purchase, use simMarket APP for an automatic install, and receive the update by just one click in the notification center.

Features summury

  • Handcrafted ground textures
  • Custom signage, vegetation, and objects
  • Dynamic lights
  • All airport buildings and surroundings with HD details
  • Custom interior details and optimized
  • Custom jetways
  • Accurate logos, real-world decals
  • Hand-placed airline-specific ground service equipment
  • Scenery optimization with level of details and latest MSFS SDK
  • Visual Docking Guidance System by
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