iniBuilds – P-40F WarHawk Project for MSFS [Trailer]

iniBuilds announces with great fanfare of beautiful images and even a trailer already published that they will soon launch for MSFS a powerful and legendary aircraft which has proven itself on the side of the Allies during the Second World War: the Curtiss P-40F WarHawk.

Announced features :

  • Comprehensive use of CFD Flight Model Technology
  • Immersive and authentic sounds recorded from the real aircraft
  • Fully modelled interior and exterior with fully interactive 3D cockpit
  • Authentic 4K PBR textures and detailing
  • Numerous liveries representing famous real-world aircraft
  • Civilian and Military variants
  • Feature rich EFB including but not limited to ;stopwatch, METAR search, and maintenance mode requiring the user to have management over the airframe over time
  • Detailed engine with the ability to remove cowlings
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