Leonardo SH – Maddog MD-82 MSFS News

The experimented developers of the Maddog MD-82 for MSFS are happy to announce that they have been able to build the external brick out of the simulator that will enable them to provide the future updates and the advanced features that they want to include, without being limited by the internal code of the flight simulator.

This means also that they can now work on the arrival of the expansion to cover the MD-83/-88 variants. But first, an update will come out soon. Here are the upcoming improvements that registered pilots will have :

– added tray application ‘MDClient’ to overcome limitation of the sandboxed environment;
– added back all missing ACARS pages;
– added back wx clients for METAR/ATIS (VATSIM/IVAO) and CPDLC;
– added back ‘printing’ of ACARS message to Pushover app;
– added automatic retrieval of latest OFP from SimBrief;
– full GSX Pro integration.

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