iniBuilds – Next Plans P-40F WarHawk, KDTW Detroit and A300-600F in 2023

iniBuilds P-40F WarHawk “Warbirds” series

The launch of the “Warbirds” series by iniBuilds will be inaugurated with a very detailed model of the famous Curtiss fighter airplane, one of the most produced military aircraft by the US Airforce during the Second Word War. Below is a copy of the features to expect from this pack, and its release is planned for next week.

  • Utilizing the latest in CFD implementation from Microsoft in aspects of flight including the primary flight surfaces, control surfaces and the propeller Authentically modelled Merlin engine, delivering true to life performance, curated with empirical evidence from pilots rated on type. 
  • Fully modelled and functional fuel system, utilizing the new fuel mechanics offered by Microsoft Flight Simulator 
  • Fully functional EFB – including maintenance page, moving map, radios and weather information. This is an optional feature, for those wishing to have a more authentic experience (EFB can be toggled off)
  • Removable cowlings exposing our detailed Rolls Royce Merlin Model, in addition to removable gun bay covers or baggage compartments depending on the variant you wish to fly
  • Authentic real world sound set from an operational P-40F
  • Fully functional lighting both inside and out, including UV glow in the dark gauges and needles, allowing you to fly in all types of weather! 
  • Seven 4K liveries using the latest industry techniques, whilst maintaining an authentic style of the aircraft

More details on the P-40F WarHawk and aircraft updates, future projects here.

KDTW Detroit Metro Wayne County Airport

iniBuilds will keep on publishing more airports for MSFS of course. And the next one is Michigan, USA. KDTW Detroit.

This upcoming scenery will have options that every user will be able to activate or deactivate : “animated train in the main McNamara terminal, the Laminar fountain fully animated, and some cool GSE de-icing statics“. New desgin techniques to improve pavement and ground markings will be introduced here and will be also added into London EGLL and Los Angeles KLAX in future updates.

More info here about sceneries projects.

A300-600F Project Announced

Since the free and advanced A310-300 is particularly well appreciated by the flightsim community, iniBuilds announce that they will also produce as a separate product the A300-600F for MSFS. It should be available next year in 2023.

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