FlightControlReplay 5 – New Official Trailer 4K by AviationLads

The success of the new version FlightControlReplay 5 for MSFS and P3D5 relies mainly on its new features, of course, like the support of PMDG 737 and Fenix A320 in MSFS. For your replays, it captures the accurate position and animations of the flight surfaces (flaps, slats, spoilers), along the reverse thrust and the gear. AviationLads partnered with FlightControlReplay 5 to promote the tool with a new trailer video.

The tool developed by Fabio Merlo is now also appreciated for its new user interface, that you can customize in size and transparency.

Great additions include also the Ghost Live and Cinematic Replay.

Ghost Live adds instantly a wingman beside your aircraft. It’s an AI aircraft who tries to perform flying formation beside you. His initial position with relative angle, distance and altitude offset to your position are customizable in the options. The AI pilot will be affected by weather conditions since he tries to maintain the same speed and attitude like yours.

Cinematic Replay is an automatic switch between all available cameras during Replay just like a TV show with multiple angle of views. You can select that only exterior, only interior, or both types of cameras are used for the Cinematic Replay.

All existing users of the older FlightControlReplay 4.5 can upgrade and enjoy these massive improvements and new features with a significantly reduced price upgrade at simMarket.

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