Javier Iturralde Lind – Cartayna Files GSX MSFS Pack 2

The Cartayna Files GSX series are bundles of GSX profiles with the accurate and detailed settings for your ground services, parkings and jetways when you combine airports add-ons and GSX tool for MSFS.

Javier Iturralde Lind configured for example the correct position for jetways with different airliner types, the pushback feature, and the alignement with animated jetways. All these features need custom adjustments if you take GSX out of the box. With this pack number 2, here are the 10 airports sceneries are ready for use :

1     EDDL    JustSim        
2     EFHK    MkStudios     
3     EGGP   Digital Design 
4     ENTC    M M Simulations
5     KBOS    FlyTampa    
6     KDCA    Drzwiecki Design         
7     KFLL     LatinVFR      
8     KLAS    FlyTampa          
9     LIRF     MkStudios     
10   VHHH   WF Scenery Studio

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