Fly The Maddog MSFS – Update New FMS Canadian Marconi

Fly The Maddog in MSFS, the excellent and advanced McDonnell MD-82 simulation by Leonardo Software House just got a new and free update for last weekend. It adds the “Canadian-Marconi with PMS navigation system in alternative to classic Honeyweel FMS, and the EPR SEL option in TRP.”

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If you want to try the new FMS system Marconi, follow these easy steps :

  1. Launch Fly The Maddog X Load Manager
  2. In the left column, select the Aircraft tab
  3. At the Aircraft option select the livery variant of your choice AND for the FMS option, change Honeywell setting to Canadian/PMS.
  4. Use either Save and Sync button, or the Save and Exit button in the top right corner, depending on the number of aircraft variants that you want to edit.
  5. In MSFS aircraft selection menu, make sure that the ATC tail number of your selected livery actually matches the number painted on your aircraft. If you have still a custom tail number in the ATC options of that aircraft, you will remain with the Honeywell FMS version displayed in the cockpit.

Full changelog update build 1.2b137


– fixed issue in fms procedures with two consecutive dme arcs

– fixed issue with brakes remain engaged if autobrake disable by switching it off (not touching the pedals)

– fixed issue in update time on the FMS #2 when tipying on the scratch pad

– fixed free text not working in CPDLC

– fixed issue with PDC

– fixed issue of MDClient when running (but flying another addon), in certain cases would not permit the other addon CPDLC to work correctly

– fixed issue which prevent, in certain cases, from receiving Hoppie telex messages (in any case auto white list must be off to receive message from stations not previously contacted)


– fixed issue of misplaced plug in the GPU cable on aircraft side (exterior model)


– added option for FMS CANADIAN MARCONI / PMS

– added option for EPR SEL in TRP


– when selecting data client to ‘None’ METARs are now still available

– MDClient is not installed anymore as a startup app, but it starts automatically when MSFS starts

– ‘ready at gate’ now use APU for power to avoid issues with GPU when using GSX

– added option for takeoff CLAMP filter in LM SIMULATOR settings page


– updated Quick Guide and User Manual

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