Cockspur – C510 Mustang MSFS Update 1.0.7 and Projects Update

The small jet reproduced in MSFS by Cockspur received a free update for all registered users. Get the latest refinements for your C510 Mustang in MSFS and download the installer v1.0.7 at simMarket.

Changelog v 1.0.7

  • Fixed contrails not displaying
  • Disabled spoilerons, again
  • Flight Model tweaks
  • Minor animation fixes
  • Code clean-up and general optimisation

The developer also shared new preview screenshots of the upcoming Hawker 800XP, another business jet that seems to have taken again the first place in the row before release since the AN-26 project is on hold “due to the real world events”.

5 Responses

  1. version downloaded from simmarket app is not 1.07. still no contrails.

    1. Hi Chris,
      I just can see that simmarket package has a manual in version 1.0.3 . There is not another note or changelog file, so we’ll ask Cockspur to check that ASAP.

    2. I contacted directly Cockspur and they confirm that this is already version 1.0.7 at simMarket.
      So if you have questions about the contrails, you may request support by email : info [at]

  2. I downloaded version 1.07. but still no contrails at -40 degrees F. The manifest file downloaded still shows old version.

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