TrackHat Sensor V2 – New Head Tracking Wireless and No Tracker

The British team of TrackHat announced a new device : their TrackHat Sensor V2 is a head tracking solution with infrared detection, wireless, and without any tracker, cap or sensor to wear on you.

It works in all lighting conditions of your room, and it’s also compatible with headsets and glasses. They expect to ship the first orders in 2 or 3 weeks.


  • 120Hz smooth tracking.
  • Machine learning for facial tracking.
  • Powerful Infrared illumination: game in any setting.
  • Always ready. Starts and syncs automatically with games.
  • Headsets and glasses compatible, wont disturb tracking.
  • Point tracking mode. The option to use existing point trackers.
  • Compatible with all the same games & simulators.
  • All code is run locally, no connection needed, no data saved.
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