Skydesigners – French Airbase 103 Cambrai/Epinoy MSFS

Thanks to Skydesigners, you get detailed military sceneries for MSFS. Their latest product is another French Airbase, #103 in the North region, in Cambrai/Epinoy, for MSFS. Discover this highly detailed scenery that features accurate 3D models, photorealistic textures, custom buildings, and many other unique features that allow you to immerse yourself in the world of aviation.

Skydesigners French Airbase 103 Cambrai/Epinoy MSFS is shows attention to detail by the makers with truly impressive details, inside the sheds, with with custom vehicles and equipments.

Take on the role of a military pilot and experience the thrill of operations among realistic buildings and vehicles. So head over to simMarket and get your new scenery today!

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