MK Studios – Dublin V2 MSFS Update 2.0.1 and V1 Comparison

MK Studios quickly reacted upon the first customers feedback after release of their new Dublin V2 MSFS. The main airport of Ireland has been entirely redone from scratch, with significant changes in the textures resolution and quality, resulting in a great visual improvement.

Their new update v2.0.1 came quickly to fix AI traffic issues, bring some optimization and to fix also windows flickering. The next update will add more content (landmarks, even more terminal interiors, and another layer of optimization).

Dublin V2 MSFS uses Siminstaller with simMarket app, making the complete update process as simple as one click.

Changelog v 2.0.1 Update released

  • AI won’t enter 28R fixed,
  • 10L-28R signs fixed,
  • Windows flickering eliminated,
  • Optimization.

Further plans for v 2.1.0

  • General optimization,
  • More POIs,
  • More terminal interiors

Watch the comparison video of BobbyFuzzy who analyzes the differences between Dublin MSFS released in 2020, and the new V2 released in 2023.

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