Cockspur – Announcement of He-162 “Spatz” MSFS

The aircraft makers of MSFS models – Cockspur – announced a new project in development : the He-162 “Spatz” for MSFS, a German made jet fighter introduced near the end of the Second World War.

The Heinkel He-162 “Spatz” was a German single-engine jet-powered fighter aircraft developed and produced by the Heinkel Flugzeugwerke during World War II. It was designed to be a fast and agile aircraft that could intercept and destroy Allied bombers.

The He-162 first flew in December 1944 and was put into limited production in early 1945. It was one of the fastest aircraft of its time, capable of reaching speeds of up to 905 km/h (562 mph), but it was also notorious for being difficult to handle and having a short range.

Despite its advanced technology, the He-162 was never able to make a significant impact on the war due to its late entry into the conflict and the overall disorganization of the German war effort. Only around 300 of the aircraft were produced before the end of the war, and many of them were destroyed in combat or on the ground. Nevertheless, the He-162 remains an important piece of aviation history and a symbol of the rapid technological developments that took place during World War II.

Watch the First Look streaming video of this He-162 in MSFS, by Twotonemurphy via Twitch (go to 2:09:00)

Cockspur are the authors of the popular C510 Mustang business jet, and the of the Ultra-light Aeroprakt A22-LS, both available at SIMMARKET.

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