Aerosoft – Aircraft A330 MSFS in Beta

A visit in the official forum of Aerosoft support is rewarding fresh news to the simmers following the development of the Airbus A330 for MSFS by the German publisher.

Along a new batch of pictures from the exterior model (posted here), we can also find a more detailed development update report by Mathijs Kok who explained what is their project status on various aspects :

  • Model and textures : solid,
  • Autopilot : still needs work, but currently does the basics fine.
  • engines performance and behaviour : within 3% of correct behavior
  • PDF manual and interactive e-manual : more or less ok
  • Electronic Flight Bag tablet : functional for Navigraph / NavDataPro, weather, runway data, satellite imagery for taxi monitoring
  • MCDU, LNAV, VNAV : LNAV ok, VNAV not so much
  • ECAMs : needs more work
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