DarkBlueScenery – Taiyuan-Wusu International Airport XP11/12

DarkBlueScenery’s Taiyuan-WUSU International Airport for XP11/12 is an add-on that you won’t want to miss out on, particularly if you like to fly to China ! This add-on provides a detailed recreation of the airport located in Taiyuan, China, between Yinchuan, Beijing and Xian big cities, between Yinchuan, Beijing and Xian.

The add-on offers custom textures for the runway and taxiway. The author mentions that he paid attention to the scenery performance so you can expect a smooth display.

If you want more detailed sceneries for X-Plane and you are interested in completing your airports collection in Asia, then you can consider DarkBlueScenery’s Taiyuan-WUSU International Airport. Just go now to SIMMARKET now and add it to your collection!

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