Microsoft / Asobo Studio : ATR 42-600/72-600 Expert Series Available

As promised, Microsoft and Asobo Studio released their bundle Expert Series 1 of ATR 42-600/72-600 for Microsoft Flight Simulator developed by a team led by Hans Hartmann (ex Digital Aviation CRJ published by Aerosoft), including custom systems, displays, detailed and functional virtual cockpit up to an Electronic Flight Bag tablet. Several liveries are also included in the pack for each model. The bundle price is USD 19.99.

The ATR 42-600 and 72-600 are two turboprop regional aircraft models developed by the European aircraft manufacturer ATR.

The ATR 42-600 is a smaller variant of the ATR 72-600 and can seat up to 50 passengers. It has a range of up to 1,000 nautical miles and is designed for short-haul regional flights.

The ATR 72-600 is a larger variant that can seat up to 78 passengers. It has a range of up to 1,500 nautical miles and is also designed for short-haul regional flights.

Both aircraft models feature modern avionics systems, advanced engines, and composite materials that provide improved fuel efficiency, reduced operating costs, and lower environmental impact compared to older turboprop aircraft. They are popular choices for regional airlines around the world.

ATR 42-600 included liveries :

  • ATR House Livery F-WWLY
  • Air Saint Pierre F-ORLB
  • Silver Airways N405SV

ATR 72-600 included liveries :

  • ATR House Livery F-WWEY
  • Silver Airways N703SV
  • Air Tahiti “RA’IREVA” F-ORVV
  • Air Tahiti “TAPUATA” F-ORVR
  • Air Tahiti “TE ANUANUA” F-ORVT
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1 year ago

Love this aircraft! BUT I am having trouble getting the ATR to fly on GPS

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