IndiaFoxtEcho – Next Updates for F-35 Lightning II and Ford Class Carriers in MSFS

IndiaFoxtEcho shared with the community about a recent and unauthorized upload of the F-35 Lightning II MSFS package. The developers were notified by members of their community and they quickly took action to remove it. IndiaFoxtEcho thanks their users for their support and loyalty, which allows them to continue developing realistic and detailed niche products.

They are working on a bug-fixing update for the F-35 Lightning II MSFS package and looking for hi-res pictures of certain birds to add liveries. They are also working on the Ford Class Refactoring and investing time and money to remake escort ships to make the rotary-wing community happier. The Ford is primarily a selling tool for the F-35, and they consider that in the end, such improvements to the carrier are affordable.

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