FeelThere – MSFS Projects Roadmap

FeelThere, the developer of air traffic control simulation games and airport sceneries, has recently completed their MSFS projects roadmap. It includes several airports sceneries, all in USA : KIAH Houston, Texas, KAUS Austin, Texas, and KSTL St. Louis Lambert, Missouri. These airports will feature custom buildings, terminals, and ground textures, custom signage and realistic night effects.

In addition to these upcoming airport sceneries, FeelThere has recently released KBOS Boston Logan for MSFS. The airport scenery offers an accurate and detailed recreation of the major airport located in Massachussetts, USA. It comes with custom taxiway signs, ground markings, and airport lighting. Overall, it seems that FeelThere is continuing to produce more airport sceneries for MSFS, and their projects roadmap offers an exciting glimpse of what’s to come.

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