Flight Panels – MSFS ATR 42/72. PMDG 737, Fenix A320, FBW A32NX, and Bundle All Series

Flight Panels complete now their selection of products with the addition of the support for MSFS Asobo 42-600/72-600, and with a Bundle for 3 airliners supported at once !

And if you want to save money, you may be interested in their bundle, packing up their solutions for PMDG 737, Fenix A320 and FlyByWire A32NX all in one product.

Flight panels let you control your autopilot systems with a push, tap and twist ! If you have a Stream Deck device or you have the Streak Deck mobile app (on iPad, iPhone, Android), then you can enjoy these custom panels with your airliner add-on in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

4 Responses

  1. Hold on… So for the PMDG 737, both the Stream Deck and Stream Deck Plus panels will cost me $50, but the aircraft itself is only $35. There’s something seriously wrong with the pricing especially when there are free alternatives available!

    1. That’s a point of view… but I think that the price has not to be set upon the aircraft base price.
      The 737 aircraft is sold at another scale. And you can already dress up your 737 with several addons that will severely increase your initial investment if you combine FS2Crew, Navigraph, FS Academy airliner, FS Realistic pro, Pilot’s Life Chapter 2.
      You cannot expect to afford even one of them for the portion of the 737 price, they are totally separate and you don’t HAVE to order it to use your 737.

      1. You’re comparing products which can be used by all addons, and even looking at FS2Crew 737 edition its still cheaper than your Flight Panels. I have no doubt these Flight Panels are very good, but it’s set to such a high price point especially when there are free alternatives… and there are no free alternatives to the ones you’ve mentioned!

        1. Maybe you don’t get my point. Even if there are freewares, they don’t have to impact the price policy of other teams. If I was the developer, I would only set the price upon the amount of work involved, and upon the price of other payware of the same category eventually.
          It’s not because a freeware exists that it may cut the investment needed by a developer.. He still has to work a minimum of time.
          If you mean that the payware must be much better than other freeware to try to catch customers, that’s another question. I haven’t tested any stream deck profiles at all to make my mind about this product. I guess and hope for them that Flight Panels evaluated this aspect.

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