Freeware : ShortFinal Design – KBOS Boston Update v2.1 X-Plane 11/12

ShortFinal Design’s KBOS Boston Logan Airport 2.1 is a highly detailed scenery for X-Plane 11 and 12, which captures the essence of Boston Logan International Airport and the city of Boston. This add-on features various elements that make it an exceptional addition to any flight simulator enthusiast’s collection.

Their new update v2.1 “adds 3D vegetation and new airport vehicles with FMOD sounds.”

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The scenery features an accurately modeled KBOS – Boston Logan International Airport, complete with detailed and textured buildings, airport infrastructure, and taxiways. The ground textures are custom-made, and the runways and taxiways are accurately textured to provide a realistic look and feel.

Furthermore, the add-on features animated airport vehicles and ship traffic, which uses the GroundTraffic plugin to bring life to the airport. The aircraft marshalling is also animated, and the jetways are operated through SAM, adding more realism to the airport operations.

Apart from the airport, the add-on also includes photoscenery for the airport and the surrounding area, which makes the approach into the airport more immersive. The photoscenery offers realistic and accurate details, which help to create a more authentic experience.

Additionally, the KBOS Boston Logan Airport 2.1 add-on features numerous landmarks in Boston, such as the Bunker Hill Bridge, Tobin Bridge, and Fenway Park, among others. This creates a scenic view of the city, adding an extra dimension to the flying experience.

In summary, the ShortFinal Design KBOS Boston Logan Airport 2.1 add-on is a highly detailed and accurate representation of Boston Logan International Airport and the city of Boston. It offers animated airport vehicles and ship traffic, aircraft marshalling, jetways, custom ground textures, photoscenery, and landmarks in Boston, making it a complete and comprehensive package for X-Plane 11 and 12 users.

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