Hype Performance Group : H145 V2 Update Released with FCR5 Integration and Custom Replay

Hype Performance Group recently announced the release of the exciting update V2 for their highly realistic H145 helicopters package for MSFS. It brings a new flight performance with the support of the special Asobo Helicopters flight model. Additionally, the Hype Performance Group has collaborated with FlightControlReplay 5, the popular add-on for recording and playing back your flights, to provide custom support for a seamless integration.

In collaboration with FlightControlReplay 5, the Hype Performance Group has integrated custom support for this powerful flight recording tool. FlightControlReplay 5 allows users to record their flights, including aircraft movements, the different camera angles, and various other parameters, and play them back at a later time.

With the custom support specifically tailored for the H145 V2, users can control FlightControlReplay 5 directly from the tablet in the 3D virtual cockpit, because the user interface of the tool is displayed and integrated. The custom support between both products enable also an accurate replay of the animated parts of the helicopter, including pedals, cyclic and collective controls.

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