SkyDesigners – French Airbase 123 Orléans-Bricy MSFS

Are you interested in sceneries of military airbases ? Then have a look at SkyDesigners’ highly precise and detailed French Airbase 123 Orléans-Bricy scenery for MSFS. This immersive experience features static aircraft, including the C160 Transall NG, Mirage 2000B, C130 Hercules, Airbus A400M, and DH-6 Twin Otter, accurately textured with real machine numbers and registrations.

The maintenance zones, hangars, and vegetation biomes faithfully represent the base in 2010, while specific service vehicles and ground crew add to the authenticity. The scenery showcases photo-realistic textured buildings, including night textures, capturing the living area, squadron area, ESTA hangars, CIET, and the Airbus Training Center. Military installations and transport squadrons like Bearn, Anjou, and Poitou are meticulously modeled, and numerous objects, such as radars and ground maintenance personnel, further enhance the immersive environment.

SkyDesigners has optimized the scenery for smooth performance, ensuring minimal use of system resources. Additionally, MIAC charts are provided for aerodrome and approach reference during the corresponding period. Embark on a virtual journey to French Airbase 123 Orléans-Bricy and experience its intricacies with SkyDesigners‘ MSFS scenery, available now on SIMMARKET.

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