Review : FSX3D – Figari Sud Corse Airport LFKF P3D

Review by Nadeem Z

Airport Overview

FSX3D have released a much-awaited rendition of Figari Sud Corse Airport International Airport in Island of Corse located near the Southern cost of France . This is not the first airport that FSX3D have released in the Island along with Calvi LFKC back in 2020. Located in the Country of France home to mainly Air Corsica and Air France and other low-cost carriers LFKF is a one-runway airport that offers direct routes to almost 25 destinations around the mainland Europe including major seasonal services to cities such as London, Zurich, Paris, and Milan. Figari Sud Corse is also used as international hub by French airlines as well as major low cost carriers like Ryanair, Easyjet and Volotea.

Airport Features

The FSX3D product offers amazing features which take advantage of the latest P3D technologies such as Dynamic Lighting and PBR Textures which are considered a major key difference maker in top quality P3D products. FSX3D have also nicely modelled the airport terminal building and a large number of custom buildings outside the airport within the vicinity, including – integrated 25 cm/pixel photoreal ground “Global Base Pack” ORBX Ultra detailed parkings, taxiways and runway, PBR on all objects, Ambient occlusion (Objects and ground), Ground Mesh 1 meter throughout the airport, Custom windsocks (SODE), Custom vegetation (on the airport), Customized Autogen (on the airport) and nice Rain effects taxiways, parkings, runway which give a great realistic feel to the airport and its surroundings. Additionally, FSX3D have also included SODE Animated Features which fit perfectly with the airports size and main terminal offering multiple effects such as Windsock’s operated by SODE and more!

An advantage to this product is also that it works seamlessly with Autogen or Mesh product’s by ORBX or FRANCEVFR for the area which is also available for P3D and gives the Airport a unique feel of the one close products and real life feeling.

Modelling and Texturing

After carefully examining the terminal and its features, FSX3D have used high quality textures and have modelled all the major airport buildings
Without a doubt, the modelling is of top quality, the details included near the main terminal which shows that FSX3D have put a lot of effort and work into the product and its features. FSX3D have also included a variety of ground vehicles which flawlessly go along with any ground addon such as GSX.

Final Feedback

For Anyone who is looking to fly into LFKF Figari Sud Corse in P3D. I would highly recommend FSX3D version as they have put extensive effort into their version whilst including all the major and important P3D features such as PBR, custom runway lighting system and Dynamic Lighting at the terminals. I look forward to the next update the FSX3D with now P3D v5.4 being released. I hope that the team will push out and hope that they will be able to develop additional similar airports in this part of the region as there is a shortage in our current market around mainland Europe.
Job well done to the FSX3D team! Highly Recommended

Review by Nadeem Z

➢ Great attention to Detail, excellent frame rates and decent VRAM usage
➢ Taking advantage of the latest P3D technologies and features
➢ Seamless compatibility with other products from ORBX and France VFR.
➢ Adaptation of SODE and Static Objects (Windsocks) to bring the airport to life.
➢ HD Ground Imagery and Detailed Ground polygon taxiways and Runways with great detail.
➢ Expansion of the Photoreal Area and City Details to cover more of the Islands Landmarks
➢ Possibility of adding a Scenery Configurator for simmers who like to customize and add these features.
➢ Include the option to have more runway and taxiway lights especially for Night Flying as an option
PurchaseTest System
Developer: FSX3D
Price: EUR 15.00 (+tax EU customers)
Tested on AMD Ryzen 7 3700x
Nvidia GTX 3080TI running 4K textures.
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